Shukri Saleh Alawi Yahya Al Braik

Shukri Saleh Alawi Yahya Al Braik

Chairman @ Al-Braik Investments

Al-Braik Investments

As a diversified holding company, most of our Companies have been present in the UAE for more than 30 years. As a group of companies our offices and affiliates mean that we are present from South Africa to Norway and from Lithuania and the UK and various Countries of the Gulf Region to Mauritius, Kenya, Angola, Mozambique and Tanzania.

These are exciting times. Our breadth of services and wealth of experience mean that more projects are now becoming part of an ever-expanding portfolio in both established and new markets. Our presence in Africa grows exponentially. Our mark can also be seen and felt in now iconic locations, like Dubai Marina, Culture Villageand Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi and various other Countries where Al-Braik has participated in projects as well as support for the local communities in Mozambique, Sri Lanka, etc.

Our US$240,000,000 Silicon Metal Smelter will be located in Abu Dhabi’s KIZAD, and is another one of our up-and-coming expansion programmes.

Our strength is in our diversification. Our knowledge and expertise has been to the advantage of our projects’ outcomes.

The following information on the website details the projects that we have successfully managed, as well as the opportunities only we can provide. From premiere housing construction and development to oil & gas exploration, and from global retail brand procurement to hospitality management, our group of companies is forever evolving, yet focusing solely in its resolve.

Shukri Saleh Alawi Yahya Al Braik