Pragma Group


Pragma Group is an organization that balances the art and science of business. Focusing on lifestyle and technology, two essential areas of today’s modern world, Pragma Group blends skill and investment to grow brands within these two industries, using the most effective business models and partnerships to make it happen.

Pragma is a Lebanese Holding Group that has chosen Dubai for its Headquarters to run the international operations. The Group’s approach is consistently smart, maintaining integrity in all aspects whilst working with international partners to test concepts in Dubai and the region, and expand them to the international markets. Pragma Group’s experience spans over ¬10 years, building a number of businesses from the ground up, creating a well-structured family of companies.

Having a strong eye for opportunities, Pragma Group has also put its management team to further use by nurturing the growth and development of young, new ventures that promised great potential. With unsurpassed experience garnered over many years in the Middle East, Pragma Group offers sustainable success for its businesses, partners and investors from around the region and the world.

Are invited to the forum:

Mr. Joe Tabet


Mr. Ahmad Chehouri

Head of Strategy and Investment