Dr. Mujtaba Arain

Muhammad Mujtaba Yousuf Ali

Founder/COB @ Realigns, Inc



REALIGNS INC started its operations in 2010 – Pakistan- 2015 Kingdom of Thailand- 2016 Kingdom of Jordan & established to become a multifaceted and multinational company participating in variety of industries & services. Our specialty is providing services to B2B, B2C, B2G & G2G in Foreign Direct Investments ( For Renewable Energy Businesses), Skincare, Fashion & Textile, Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals Industries, Building, Training Worldwide Sales, Marketing and (Master/Sole) Distributions to promote various service & products Worldwide. A testament to our success is the number of high quality products and services and our partnerships with highly reputable multinationals industries and distribution network over 33 countries. We have added since inception. Our business is our partner’s success. That’s why we are the leading consulting group for Healthcare, financial intuitions, Information Technology.

Realigns Investments & Technology is providing FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) & Legacy Commercial Capital were formed to give you access to joint venture financing with Billions of dollars available with the collaboration of European companies in Renewable Energy and Information Technology businesses for developing countries Worldwide.