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Edward Vickery

Managing Partner @ Devonshire Warwick Capital

Devonshire Warwick Capital

United Kingdom

The firm is a regulated by the FCA and operates out of its Istanbul and London offices. The firm was founded in 2015, and its principals have raised in excess of $1 billion in more than 25 different investment funds.

Our practice is exclusively focused on the institutional investment community and includes endowments, foundations, banks, insurance companies, pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and their consultants.

The firm has a global clientele and raises significant capital from overseas. Its international clientele is geographically diverse and includes investors from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

The mission of Devonshire Warwick is to build long-term relationships between institutional clients and a select group of hedge funds. We provide a fully outsourced sales and marketing capability to our investment funds. Our approach is to develop a partnership relationship with our hedge fund managers as their distribution source. Devonshire Warwick is also active in private markets and raises equity and debt for real asset, technology and blockchain projects.

Managing Partner