Michael J. Kloep

Dr. Michael J. Kloep

D.R.O.P.S. Foundation @ Founder

D irect Relief of Poverty and Sickness is a non-profit organization that cuts out administration costs and focuses on utilizing all donations received towards initiating change.R un by a highly committed team of volunteers committed to the many tasks at hand, sharing synergies will increase momentum. Immediate basic and/or specific healthcare to children and aged people in need remains the target.

O rganizing a proper infrastructure, providing necessary means and practicalities to an existing network of committed medical professionals and other volunteers in need of logistics so that giving free time and specific know how to a good cause will actually reach the less fortunate directly when help is needed.

P roject financing is based on sponsoring and donations. The totality of the donated sums are spent on the costs generated by those punctual aid actions and are at all times available for insight and control.

S tarting today, we believe that together we can make a difference. Together we can lighten the he burden of poverty and disease by giving access to specific healthcare operations. Just as the continuous flow of tiny drops finally ends up in molding a stone our goal is set to make the world a better place.