Awsan Othman

Founder @ Investor (Begad Group)

Begad Group

It is a conglomeration of investment business companies which are engaged in several business and service activities. It has been able through its various and several activities to expand and grow, and get access to several international markets.

The group did not only extent its operations and services to several states. It extended eastward to China and established commercial and services representations, and westward to Yemen where it set up a branch, particularly in the Commercial Capital Aden.

Activities of the Group:

General Business: In this field the group carries out its business of import, export, selling and purchasing of several and various commodities in several countries. Its most important commercial activities involve food stuffs, women accessories, equipment, machines and cleaning materials, car trade and other goods and materials.

Investment Services: The group provides its investment services professionally in several areas, including investments, feasibility study of investment projects, founding services of commercial activities, legal trade consultancies services, and other investment services- related services.

Commercial Services: the group carries out several commercial services. Most important being import of goods, and orders for establishments or corporations, according to clients’ orders , from the main and first source, follow up and monitoring of orders for processed goods in the country of origin, receiving goods and shipping them to customers , quoting prices for customers from several sources and states, carrying out all commercial correspondence between clients and factory or source, providing all requirements of businessmen in their commercial missions.

Shipment Services: -The group provides its services through offering best freight for land, sea and air cargoes and from any country to any country in the world.

Shipping Services: The group provide its shipping services in the Yemeni ports through its agencies in international shipping. We provide our services with highest profession and specialization in all relevant services which might be required by shipping companies or vessels or their crew.

Begad Group