Arnab Naskar

Arnab Naskar

Co-founder @ SICOS


Hamburg Area, Germany

SICOS (Lux) S.C.S. aims to be the one-stop solution for the crowdfunding activities in Europe. We provide strategic advisory at various stages through the initial coin offering (ICO) process. We assist in structuring the ICO vehicle, through our highly competent, global and legal partners; in analyzing token economics; complying with transparency and best practice requirements; connecting with other strategic partners; and many other activities. SICOS believes in a high-level of best practices for the ICO projects and requires their advised projects to comply with the same.

We are also creating an innovative, regulatory complaint, and easy-to-access crowdfunding platform powered by blockchain technology. With the crowdfunding market volume estimated to rise up to US$35 billion by 2020, SICOS (Lux) S.C.S. aims to be a leading player in this growing market with its highly motivated and qualified team, equipped with its innovative platform.

As a managing partner, Arnab is responsible for the various strategic and administrative decisions of the SICOS.