Antonios (Tony) Kypreos

Antonios Kypreos

Founder @ Axion Financial Group

Axion Financial Group

LocationBethany Beach, DE, USA/Philadelphia, PA, USA

Axion Financial Group is a boutique family owned investment advisory firm, working with a small select group of affluent & accredited status investors. The firm specializes in offering personalized, individually tailored and actively managed investment management solutions for a small select group of individuals, as well as for our own family capital.

We utilize a diverse mix of asset classes and investment vehicles including equities, fixed income and an array of unique high quality alternative investments.

We specialize in giving our clients access to top quality alternative investments to compliment a traditional “stock bond and cash” portfolio with the goal of capital preservation and true diversification being the number one goal.

We use TD Ameritrade Institutional as our US based custodian. TD Ameritrade Institutional is one of the most regarded investment advisory partners in the industry and we are proud to work with them as our firm custodian partner.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative, low cost, honest and personal investment advisory firm that truly treats each client like they were our own family.

We work with a small select client base of affluent status individuals and their families. Our mission to offer the type of investment management service that is extremely difficult to find in today’s marketplace: honest, low cost, personal, conflict of interest free and caring. We specialize in working with clients of first generational entrepreneurial wealth,internationally diverse families and multi- generational legacy wealth families.

With a combined 30+ years of real world investment decision making experience between the partners of our firm, we are in touch with the real life aspects of investment management from both perspectives.

Founder and Co-Partner