About Private Investment Forum Worldwide

Private Investment Forum WorldwidePrivate Investment Forum Worldwide  is held annually from 2015 in different countries of the world.

This is a special elite forum intended for key players in the field of investment from Europe and GCC.

The main goal of such a forum is to create new, stable, positive personal ties between investors. Therefore, the specialty of these meetings is the emphasis on the easiness and convenience of creating personal connections for investors.

All reports and discussions that take place during this forum pass between participants in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, as among good friends.

The meeting will be attended only by people who make key decisions in the field of investment. Large investors, heads of large holdings that are proactively investing, investment bankers, heads of investment funds and companies.

The meeting will be held in a comfortable atmosphere. Acquaintance and general discussion will take place at a round table after which the organizers will hold personal meetings for investors.

Each participant will be able to have personal meetings with all the interesting participants of the event.

A special event Project EXPO will be held during the forum. The owners of the 25 best GCC investment projects will present their ideas to the investors. If any project is of interest to the forum participants, the organizers will arrange special meetings of investors with the owners of the projects.

All investment projects will be preliminary shortlisted. Information about all projects will be provided in advance to investors in the form of a catalogue. During the forum in 2018 there will be presented projects in the fields of healthcare, construction and real estate, F&B, IT and energy.

In 2018 will be held the Third Private Investment Forum Worldwide. During the previous forums, the amount of investment into the presented projects amounted to more than a billion dollars.